Small/Medium Businesses and Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 delivers a lot of functionality with it’s enterprise class platform that is widely used throughout the world.  If you are a small business owner, here are they key benefits of switching to Office 365.


Backup all your phone contacts automatically

If you run a small business you probably use your mobile phone an awful lot.  If you are using an iPhone, a blackberry, an android, or a windows phone, all of your contacts can synchronize automatically with your Office 365 email account.  So if you lose your phone all of your contacts will remain in your email account.  Once you get a new phone, all your contacts will be synchronized automatically to the new device.

Keep your desktop and phone in sync

Do you ever get frustrated with your phone and your email being out of sync?
You read an email on your phone, and it will appear unread on your desktop when you get back to your office.  When  using Microsoft Office 365, your email, contacts and calendars will sync with your smartphone.  If you send an email on your phone, it will appear in your sent items on your desktop and vice versa.

Take advantage of Office 365 cloud storage

Microsoft Office 365 gives you cloud storage with the SharePoint site you get with your ‘P’ or ‘E’ plan.  By utilizing SharePoint Workspace 2010, your files will synchronize with your cloud storage, giving you the peace of mind of not having to worry about backing up your files.


For information about how much Microsoft Office 365 will cost you, please look at the Office 365 Pricing.


This is my site Written by Tim on January 16, 2013 – 5:41 pm